Partial Finance Is Now Up And Running On Fantom Blockchain

Partial Finance is the first algorithmic token that’s being built on Fantom Chain. It’s inspired by the original concept of BasisCash and its predecessors. Partial is an algorithmic token that is pegged to 12 FTM.

Its supply and demand are balanced through an algorithm that helps maintain its peg to 12 FTM. It’s important to note that Partial is not tied to 12 FTM as it will be used as a default gas. Once Partial grows to the point where it can be considered as a liquid asset, users can swap in and out for 1 FTM.

This feature will help boost Partial’s liquidity and make it the largest blockchain in terms of total TVL. An algorithmic coin is a true representation of decentralized decentralization, as its code dynamically takes care of the token’s supply and demand. See the best GPUs selection for mining.

The Partial protocol works seamlessly with the main token. Its main function is to allow users to earn partial tokens through their partial balance. When the price of Partial is above 12 FTM, the protocol goes into an expansion phase. This phase is followed by a reduction in supply to a specific percentage of supply. The Partial operates on Fantom blockchain.