Pasithea Therapeutics Stock Hits New Highs After The Latest News: Up 153% In One Day

This week the stock market of Pasithea Therapeutics illustrates a positive sign. On Monday, the worth of the corporation is sharply soared to $8.16, resulting in a 153% profit. Even now in the pre-market trading session is surging by 17% on a volume of 189,781,444. Such a rapid improvement in prices occurred after the declaring that its subsidiary Pasithea Clinics has been approved to provide esketamine nasal spray. In short, the nasal spray is for treating depression in adults and has begun offering the treatment in its Knightsbridge, London location. However, it says that treatment is only available at three clinics in the United Kingdom.

What is Esketamine? SPRAVATO® (esketamine) CIII nasal spray is a non-selective and non-competitive antagonist of the ionotropic glutamate receptor N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA). It has an individual mode of action, which means it operates differently than other primary depressive disorder treatments currently available (MDD). Esketamine is actually safe and effective, especially when combined with ongoing psychiatric support. The most common cause of long-term impairment in the globe is significant depression. Current treatments are ineffective, with up to 30% of patients with depression failing to react to multiple antidepressant studies. These people are thought to have treatment-resistant depression, which necessitates the development of novel therapeutic options. And so the subsidiary Pasithea Clinics took up the case to improve that.