Paw Coin Blasts Off 149% On CoinGecko Listing

Metaversians are truly happy seeing one of the decentralized digital currencies, Paw launches on CoinGecko today by rocketing over 140% in just a couple of hours. They will have a chance to witness several specs and features from Paw Coin:

stylized gold coin with paw low-poly 3D Models in Jewellery 3DExport

  • It is cheap at $0.00003501 price
  • The contributor gets a PAW reward every 10 minutes
  • Everyone gets a reward in proportion to their contribution
  • Offers Tribe Gather System (TGS), a consensus model in which users pick a tribe that will decide on their behalf on the legitimacy of a transaction
  • TGS can be disadvantageous for some users as it needs others’ approval for each transaction
  • The coin has its own universe, a Paw-Universe that offers you 12 different characters (paw-nimals)
  • Most of the coins do not even have their own apps or official wallets. Paw has everything in IoT to ease the user transactions