Penny Global Technologies (GTLL) Heading To Cross $0.10 Value

Collecting patents, acquiring technologies, buying new startups up have been the main business of Global Technologies (OTC: GTLL) for decades but its shares went down so deep as two zeros are standing before number one.

Penny Global Technologies (GTLL) Heading To Cross $0.10 Value


Global Technologies isn’t working hard to lift up the shares while the revenue is stable to provide earnings but further improvement isn’t well planned by the top management. As the renewable energy and EV booms are happening now the company needs to take the main part so the shareholders may enjoy the ever-growing stock.

Perhaps, February’s trading sessions could aid GTLL to grow beyond $0.10 on huge volumes. Very strange to see the stock without negative EPS is being listed in the OTC market. Who knows? Maybe, its management doesn’t want to offer the shares according to rules and regulations of national exchanges.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor