Penny Mullen (MULN) Heading Towards $1 Value Again

After a very bad Tuesday trading session MULN shares are finally going up today in premarket by 37%. There were no updates that could affect the stock badly from the company yesterday. Perhaps, traders were afraid of the pre-war situation between Russia and Ukraine. Waiting for Putin’s military moves has really made us tired and bored. Therefore, MULN shares are being bought right now to cross over the $1.00 mark.Mullen Technologies Executes LOI for $135 Million in Funding to Acquire an Existing Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Plant in the US | Markets Insider

Today the stock is making a correction to restore its lost points since 2012. EV trend isn’t over yet, this year the market might grow significantly because of rising oil prices that will effect petrol and gas prices to go up cosmically. Anyways, Mullen has a bright future, those who do not think like that, may quit the stock now and buy too expensive TSLA shares.