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Penny Stock In Focus: Amyris, Positive Q1 Gross Profit

Micro company Amyris’ stock NASDAQ: AMRS is gaining over 40% after last Friday’s $3.73 spot. As it becomes trendy now the daily trading volume of 14,403,675 shares appears quickly surpassing average daily 2,111,511 shares.

The biotech small corporation unveiled its Q1 2020 financial report a couple of weeks ago.

Amyris Inc financial results for the first quarter ended in March 2020

As compared to Q1 2019’s $14,374,000 revenue the Q1 2020 had soared revenue of $29,130,000. As a result, gross profit grew positive unlike in Q1 2019. However, the operating loss occurred in Q1 2020 as it has been continuing to have a negative sign for a long time.

Its market value of $844.625 million far greater than its factual negative capitalization. Even though Amyris has this issue most of the visionary investors see a bright future for the micro corporation.