Pershing Square Tontine (PSTH) Stock Slightly Dips 0.20% Within A Week: I Publishes An Excerpt From Pershing Square

Today on agenda, Pershing Square Tontine (PSTH) stock faces sharp volatility. Today, the company experiences an increase of 0.05%, still, the week’s activity shows that the surge is equal to 0.20%. The company has reached a new price mark of $19.71. Currently, the total market cap of the company is equal to $3.942B billion. Recently, Pershing Square Tontine announces its plan for profitability. In the 2021 Pershing Square Semiannual Financial Statements, Pershing Square Tontine released the following excerpt from CEO Bill Ackman’s letter to shareholders. Since the beginning of the year, the market value of SPACs in general, and PSTH in particular, has declined, which, combined with PSTH’s failure to complete the Universal Music Group transaction, has likely contributed to PSTH’s stock price falling to a level close to its $20 per share cash in trust. PSTH’s stock price fell slightly below NAV for the first time on Friday last week. Since early this year, nearly all pre-merger SPACs have traded at a discount to NAV. This, according to the company, is due to a number of poor outcomes for investors in traditional Spaces after their merger transactions have been completed.

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Miriam Bozini

Finance and Business Reporter

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