Persia Is Now Launched In PancakeSwap Exchange

Persia is a decentralized digital currency that is backed by multiple assets and a centralized infrastructure. Its value is computed using a wide range of market-leading cryptocurrencies. Persia is an asset that is has a foundation on a wide variety of stable coins, such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. Its smart contracts and codes are verified and submitted to a trustworthy auditing institution to maintain its transparency.


PERSIA DAO is a decentralized organization that aims to make the PERSIA token the leading reserve protocol. Its goal is to expand the ecosystem and provide more robust usage scenarios for the tokens. With the rise of stablecoins, the number of US dollars tokens has become the most popular asset in DeFi. Although functional stablecoins can attain a solid USD value. The real value is heavily influenced by the US government and Federal Reserve. There has been a lot of interest in adopting a dollar peg without collateral. I believe we can go a step further and provide stable coins that are still floating market-driven prices.