Petroteq Energy (PQE.V) Stock Will Be Obtained By Uppgard Konsult AB: Of What Detail You Should Be Aware Of?

The stock was fluctuating at C$0.1550 with small volatility from June 17 till June 30. After that, it rose to C$0.1900 on July 5, which is also the highest one during the last 30 days. After it, the stock started slowly fall down and reached C$0.1150 which is considered as the lowest one. After, the stock sharply rose and reached C$0.1700 for today.
On July 16, it was announced that Petroteq Energy and Uppgard Konsult AB have signed the agreement with the client company that is based on law with experience in the oil and gas sphere. The main goal is to help with the tender offer for Pertoteg’s stock.

In order to fully earn the trust of the investors, the client gives Uppgard Consult AB a confirmation about the having of 120 million Euro. This budget is needed for the obtaining and exploration of the technology and business. Before, the Uppgard Konsult AB reported about the acquisition for more than 200 million shares Pertoteq for 0.50 Euro per share.

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