Pfizer Stock Surges As Its Covid-19 Treatment Trial Succeeds

Pfrizer’s trial, which was testing the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 in combination with other drugs, was stopped early due to safety concerns. In a study unveiled on Monday, molnupiravit reduced the likelihood of dying or being admitted to a hospital for serious illness among patients with COVID-19 infection. Pfizer (PFE) jumped 10% after saying it plans to submit interim results from a trial of its drug for treating patients with pneumonia. A combination of Pfizer’s drugs known as Paxlovid will be tested on over a thousand patients with COVID-19 who have at least one risk factor for severe disease. The study analyzed the effects of the treatment on hospitalizations and deaths.

The study found that among the 396 individuals who took the drug, 38% experienced a hospitalization within three days of their symptom onset. The remaining 28 days were uneventful. For patients who had symptoms for five days or less, the treatment group had a higher hospitalization rate than the placebo group. Antivirals should be given as early as possible to prevent a serious illness from developing. In some cases, they can be given within five days of symptom onset to be most effective. Even though some patients may wait a few days to get a test, the high efficacy of the drug meant that they were treated quickly enough to provide a public health benefit, the head of Pfizer, Annaliesa, said.