Pinterest to WordPress Plugin Review, Does It Fully Integrate Your Account?

Many customers come from Pinterest as it serves as the fastest referral link provider unlike Instagram does not allow creating links on the post because they don’t want people to go away quickly from the app. But many retailers prefer Pinterest for it can bring customers faster directly from the posts. However, free WordPress plugins that integrate your Pinterest account to your site provide limited service since they want any customer to purchase their premium service. Why not buy premium service now to prevent seeing the limited capability of the Pinterest integrating plugins?

pinterest to wp plugin

The plugin just like other paid WP plugins integrates the user’s site so the visitors can see the Pinterest content right on their screens. Such a service can inform the visitors that the retailer’s site has an account on Pinterest too.

Why many people prefer paid service? Since plugin creators need financial support to extend updated improvement. Right now the plugin costs $17 excluding $4.50 extended support for to 12 months. The creator describes it as the fully integrated plugin between WP site and Pinterest account.


Pinterest to WordPress plugin provides the complete solution to integrate your Pinterest account with your WordPress. it displays Pinterest boards and pins in your WordPress and updates them automatically.

Pinterest boards as WordPress gallery add any Pinterest username to display his boards as a gallery in WordPress where every board display it’s pins in a pop-up gallery style

Pinterest pins as WordPress gallery add any Pinterest username to display his pins right on WordPress in pop-up format

Pinterest board as WordPress gallery add any Pinterest username and board to display the board pins right on WordPress in pop-up format

Unlimited Customization of items dimensions you can set Height, Width & Margin of items displayed generating 100% customizable layout

Full control on displayed parts of the item you can show or hide item description, item count on page or on pop-up

2 linking options you can show pins on pop-up or link them directly to pinterest.

Full control on what items to display / hide you can check items to display or uncheck itrms to hide

Unlimited color variations using a color selector you can choose the color of the gallery

Various background options 30 different background patterns available to choose from

Auto update option to auto update items regularly on schedule

Unlimited numbers of galleries you can create and display unlimited number of galleries

Simple and easy to use: just copy/paste gallery shortcode to display it on your page/post