Pioneer Power Solutions Blasts Off 219% Within A Week: It Launches E-Boost Portfolio Of Mobile Electric Vehicle

Yesterday, the price of PPSI fantastically skyrocketed by 219%, closed the stock market at $10.4. Such a big price improvement came after the launch of its smart charging solution, E-Boost©. However, it has an e-boost portfolio consisting of three products: E-boost GOAT, E-boost Mobile, and E-boost Pod. E-Boost G.O.A.T is a generator on a truck, E-Boost Mobile trailer mounted solution, and E-Boost Pod stationary charging solution. The company said that it expects a surge in demand for high-capacity mobile charging. The company’s strategy adjustments toward the expanding opportunities in EVC are being advanced with the launch of the new solutions.

PPSI’s new product portfolio, which ranges from mobile to stationary solutions, opens up multibillion-dollar prospects for the company in the electric vehicle charging industry. Cause EV vehicles will soon see fast development, and by 2050, it is projected that the majority of new cars sold across the world will be powered by electricity. On November 16, the company will host a conference to discuss Pioneer’s financial results for the third quarter of 2021 with the investment community. At the time of writing, the company’s price plummeted by 22% in today’s pre-market trading sessions.