Planet Labs To Launch Its Satellites On SpaceX Ships

Planet Labs, one of the main suppliers of Earth-based data and insights, announced that they will launch their Flock 4x satellite on January 13, 2022, on the Falcon 9 spacecraft. This launch will allow Planet Labs to establish its largest Earth observation constellation, which consists of more than 240 satellites. The company’s PlanetScope constellation provides real-time images of every terrestrial landmass on the planet. The images will be in high-quality resolution. The results will make the clients of Planet Labs be provided with the latest data that happens each moment on Earth.

Planet Labs

The company noted that the partnership with SpaceX was a regular choice for their operation. With the launch, the company’s latest satellite will join the already existing constellation. Through its partnership with SpaceX, Planet has launched more than 80 satellites. In 2021, the company expanded its agreement with the company through 2025. The company’s partnership with SpaceX is the first time ever event that holds great innovations by launching its Flock 4x satellites on the constellation. Starting from this moment, the company will provide high-end data surrounding the Earth to the government and other customers of the company.