PlantFuel Life Bounce By 17 Percent Assembling Momentum

The stock of PlantFuel Life Inc. fluctuated between Can$0.2650 and Can$0.2700, and the price has unsteady until July 27 before, the worth jumped and fell from Can$0.2850 to Can$0.2500 in one day. The most significant increase occurred on July 27, composing 17% from Can$0.2500.

Post 2016 4 Migration%20Food Pkg 000056155510Plantfuel Life Inc. declares that its Plantfuel brand has signed the Tough Mudder agreement, a general sports and active lifestyle brand with more than six million members and growing, covering 19 countries. PlantFuel will provide Mudders with access to its category-leading performance protein for maintaining strength and recovery. The brand will also have recovery stations on courses at selected events to provide participants.

Tough Mudder is a proven lifestyle brand with an impressive number of fitness-focused fans and brand penetration on a global scale. This provides an ideal opportunity to tell the story of vegetable fuel about how the company’s clinically proven herbal ingredients eliminate a significant gap in today’s market. Tough Mud provides a meaningful platform that inspires people to step outside their comfort zones as they push their physical and mental limits.

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