Play Human World’s P2E Game And Earn Real Money

Human World is a play-to-earn game that is backed by Binance Smart Chain. It is focused on teaching players about the solar ecosystem and other planets, as well as providing them with information about satellites and stars.

The game revolves around humans who have to explore various planets and other cosmic bodies in order to find a new home. They are trapped on an abandoned planet and are desperate to find a new home. They only have a limited set of geographic coordinates.

When searching for coordinates, they only display a geographic point that is impossible to them without external help. Users will have to lead them to the mother planet and get them to the right place. Players should be careful not to leave with their precious treasure. The game’s token will be named after the name of its holder which is SSAP. It will be used to purchase tickets in the marketplace, upgrade the explorers’ level, and mint money for the ship’s reparation.