Play Orbler To Earn Tokens With High Value

ORBLER is a defense game that players can enjoy anywhere. Just like in real life, a player can register multiple ORBs in a deck to play against other players. Through these battles, players can grow their own ORB, which can then be used to create various other creations. There are various ways to collect these orbs, such as by gathering different elements and stages. They are trying to create a unique gaming experience for the players by allowing them to try various strategies in order to win. Inspired by Tower Defense type map, Orbler is a game where players can challenge the limits by participating in duels and cooperation. To have a long-term interest in the game, the developers need to make it so that everyone can easily start. Orbler aims to establish a new kind of Game-Fi ecosystem by introducing a Co-op feature. In addition, the game’s various orbs are now converted to NFT, which allows players to use their own individualities. One of the main issues of P2E games is that the number of tokens created is proportional to the game’s total number of participants. Despite the game’s potential, the existence of infinitely created tokens can destroy the game’s sustainable operation. To avoid this issue, the developers of Orbler have focused on creating a sustainable economy through the introduction of a new Game-Fi concept.