Playermon Is On Track To Change The Course Of Gaming Into The New GameFi Future

Playermon’s decentralized nature and community make it a fun place to play. Its team is convinced that gamefi has the prospective future to become the next big thing in mobile game development due to the huge demand for NFT games. Playermon is a blockchain game that was conceptualized to be the next leading play-to-earn game in the industry. Its decentralized nature and long-term stability are its goals. Play-to-earn games, however, have just started to gain popularity. It took Bitcoin more than a decade to become mainstream, but gamefi is on track to become the next big thing in gaming.


This game aims to democratize play-to-earn gaming by allowing anyone to create and earn income based on their creativity and performance. The game’s gameplay will initially resemble Tamagotchi-like features, where players can feed, play, and bathe their Playermons. Each player must have 3 Playermons to form a team. The winner will get tokens and experience rewards, as well as the player with the most number of playermons will be the winner.