Plug Power’s Success Affects Nikola and Toyota, Here is Why

As hydrogen-fueled vehicles spread over the globe along with electric counterparts, convenient fueling stations must be built to meet the growing demand for renewable energy. Electric cars already have charging stations in developed markets but hydrogen fueling centers take quite a long time to develop.

Here comes Plug Power NASDAQ: PLUG with fuel cell solutions from hydrogen. This company has put enormous efforts to end the dependence on resources that might finish one day.

If PLUG manages to overcome this issue at all within five years hydrogen backed models from Toyota and Nikola could make sales better so their stocks might soar eventually.

Toyota Mirai and Nikola trucks are fueled by hydrogen that could replace their finished batteries for a while thus increasing the driving range. Such kind of vehicles has been spreading slower than electric opponents. The main reason is a lack of hydrogen fueling stations even in the developed markets.

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