POET Technologies (POETF) Gains Momentum: Doubles Quickly

Investors are often on the lookout for fresh stocks to invest in at the start of a new trading week and one of the stocks that could be worth considering is that of POET Technologies Inc (OTC: POETF).

The stock has gained significant momentum in recent times and over the course of the past two months, it has rallied by as big as 125%. In this situation, it could be a prudent idea for investors to perhaps take a closer look at the POET stock.

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The company, which is best known for its POET Optical Interposer and Photonic Integrated Circuits, announced that it went into the fast-growing Artificial Intelligence market.

The company announced that it has signed supply and development agreements with a large tech company involved in the photonic neural network systems space meant for Artificial Intelligence products. It is a significant development for POET since it allows the company to get into a fast-growing space. The POET stock could be the one to keep an eye on in the coming week.

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