Polkadot Plunges: It Started To List On EQONEX

Just recently, it was announced that Polkadot started to list on EQONEX, which is considered as the crypto exchange of Nasdaq. According to the research of the EQONEX Lab, the network of Polkadot is the perspective alternative to Ethereum which is able to bring new changes and change the rules of the game. The reattached from the EQONEX Lab, Claire Zhao implied that he has high hopes for the Polkadot because it has three main advantages such as blockchain interoperability, decentralized governance, and scalability.
Polkadot: Decentralized Web 3.0 Blockchain Interoperability PlatformAdditionally, Richard Byworth, the CEO of the EQONEX Group said that it is a great pleasure to make the token available for trading. However, the complexity of the token’s protocol becomes an obstacle for the traders with the small number of custodians, which is able to provide safe storage for the token. Some of the other exchanges had to stop the withdraw since there are some changes to the protocol.