PooCoin Still Growing After Breaking Out In September

Seeing memes and small community-based tokens most crypto fans say they are ‘shit’ coins. PooCoin founders wanted to laugh at their own coin and had no plans to try collaborating with exchanges, blockchain networks, and even regular posting on social media.

Anyone can create a token in BNB smart chain and start swapping on Defi platforms like PancakeSwap and UniSwap. Many tokens failed to grow constantly due to macro conditions and rug pull schemes. However, PooCoin has survived by following BTC prices which were closely correlated with the S&P index.

On September 28 PooCoin reached its bottom at $0.2774 when speculations on the fed’s hiking interest rates. This week cryptos are rising due to climbing stocks. PooCoin is rising only amid positive changes in stocks and the overall crypto market.