Pop Culture (CPOP) Stock Is Crashing The Market With 405% Soaring, Not Late To Invest

Yesterday, Pop Culture (CPOP) went public and its initial stock offering was $6. However, yesterday, when the market closed, it rose to $30.3, resulting in a tremendous 405% boost. Today, the market predicts it will rise to $46, a 52% gain, which is still impressive. The company announced yesterday it plans to sell 6 200 000 ordinary shares.

Headquartered in Xiamen and found in 2007, China, Pop Culture is a hip-hop culture company. The company aims to promote hip-hop culture and its values of love, peace, unity, respect, and having fun, and to promote cultural exchange for hip-hop between the United States and ChinaPop Culture hosts entertainment events for corporate clients in China.

The company hosts concerts and hip-hop related events, including stage plays, dance competitions, cultural and musical festivals, and promotional parties, as well as creates hip-hop related online programs; and provides event planning and execution services comprising communication, planning, design, production, reception, execution, and analysis services to advertising and media service providers and industry associations, as well as companies in a range of industries, such as consumer goods, real estate, tourism, entertainment, technology, e-commerce, education, and sports.