Popping Stock To Consider: Greenpro Capital Corp (NASDAQ: GRNQ)

On more than 50 million shares Greenpro Capital Corp (NASDAQ: GRNQ) jumps over 240% amid distributing shares of D’Swiss to GRNQ stockholders. Sudden increase happened just after announcing the decision one hour ago on AccessWire.com.

Greenpro is very successful in earnings and expense management while having -0.0290 EPS (12 months). Only growing revenue is urgingly needed to provide enough funds to get a lot of net profit.

Below $3 stock is very attractive to any investor who holds several stocks in the portfolio. 2020 could be a lucky year for the infamous service-related company that has extra cash to burn on new biotech programs. Therefore, adding GRNQ may push their wealth significantly.

Richard McEntire

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