Popping Stock to Increase Your Investments: Insignia Systems (ISIG)

Advertising agencies succeed if their partners flock in to sign long term contracts. In the case of Insignia Systems (NASDAQ: ISIG), everything goes well including the soaring shares in premarket by 33% on 3.5 million volume. ISIG is crossing $1 within hours amid the absence of media updates. Cheap shares normally grow if the company’s brands are seen everywhere especially in retail and grocery stores.

There was a big bump on October 21 when ISIG jumped more than 130% as a quick reaction from thousands of investors came in form of buying millions of shares. That kind of situation might happen at any time due to two factors: post lockdown age and cheap shares.

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After mass lockdown, the economy slowly emerged, so advertising agencies became highly wanted by businesses as they do not have expertise in promoting their services and products to suitable segments of the diverse market.

Penny stocks are usually watched by any quick profit-seeking investors who already know the movement of stock exchanges globally. As trading platforms give access to almost all markets the cheapest stocks are easy to find and buy. So, ISIG has easily become a clear target for watching in the time of uncertainty caused by fear of the second coronavirus wave.

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Anthony Gonzales

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