Populous (PPT) Sinks 43%: What You Should Know About It

Populous price is $0.853 with a trading volume of $15,173,441 and market cap of $31,770,103. The current price and yesterday’s price diverge significantly, as they fell sharply today. Yesterday the worth gained $ 0.06 before midnight. It peaked at 2 p.m. at $1.63. However, then it fell sharply by 48%, plummeting to the lowest price of 0.84. It has a circulating supply of 36 Million PPT coins and a total supply of 53.3 Million.

Populous Jump StudiosPopulous is an invoice finance platform, founded in 2017 at the peak of the popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It uses a blockchain distributed ledger technology to provide a global trading platform for invoice financing. What is it? Invoice finance is a form of financing that instantly unlocks funds related to unpaid sales invoices. To offer funds to invoices sellers, Populous supports a liquidity pool. This is tied with cryptocurrency PPT. PPT can be stored or used as collateral to invest in invoices. The PPT tokens not released during the ICO were retained by the team and developers.