Powerbridge Technologies (PBTS) Stock Is Rocketing Over 70%: Memes Pushing Stocks To The Moon Again?

During the last trading session, Powerbridge Technologies (PBTS) stock is surging by an astonishingly 70%, rising from $1.8 to $3.05. However, we can observe an anticipated drop of 4% in the coming trading session, diminishing to $2.93. Over the last month, we can see two extra movements, first on June 28, reaching from $1.42 to $2.85, then steadily drop to $1.8, and now it’s performing a new growth.
20170123221516 GettyImages 499806501The stock’s consensus price objective among Wall Street analysts is $7, implying that the stock’s value may rise 234.93% from today’s levels. The predicted low-price target is $7, while the planned high price objective is $7. In such a situation, the company’s latest price level in today’s session is +234.93 percent off the targeted high, whilst a drop would see the stock lose 234.99% from its current levels.

Meanwhile, Powerbridge Technologies was up more than 33% in premarket trading after more than doubling on Tuesday, with 40.8 million shares traded, well above the 12-month average of roughly 560,000. Investors nowadays are skeptical about meme stocks, but they can benefit on a short-term basis by the way.

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