PowerHouse Energy Group (PHE.L) Shares Are Rapidly Lacking By 14.60% This Week

After the historical maximum of share prices in December in 2020, when the company reaches the GBp 9.800, in the last six months, PowerHouse Energy Group faces a huge dip in shares. Currently, the price mark is GBp 4.1750 per share. The total revenue of the company is equal to GBp 100k. Powerhouse Energy Group (PHE.L) is a UK-based firm that provides solutions to non-recyclable plastic and helps accelerate the clean energy transition. The company has created Distributed Modular Generation, a process technology (DMG).

Hydrogen, electrical power and heat, natural gas replacement, and chemical feedstocks are among the waste items produced. DMG technology is a hydrogen-from-waste method that generates minimal quantities of safe leftovers. Each unit produces up to 3.4 megawatts of exportable electrical power or exports about two tons of road-fuel grade hydrogen while producing at least two tons of road-fuel quality hydrogen.

Paul Meyer

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