Premarket Most Active Stocks: IMPP, MULN, NILE, BBIG, VEON, DIDI, UTME, HYMC, CTK, CEI

Last Friday the premarket movers were mostly surging. However, today at least three of the 10 most active stocks are plunging. Due to oil price volatility, we see some large energy stocks are declining swiftly. Perhaps this scenario won’t repeat after the market opens.

IMPP is falling like a shot eagle from the cliff, almost 46% it is losing on 10 million volume. The most promising Mullen is still struggling around the penny $5 area while other EV counterparts are trading above $10. As EV chargers are hyping in the business world, NILE has found a little share in its market, today in premarket it is rocketing 80%. Vinco (BBIG) is making some corrections after a long fall from its $10 mark, right now it is surging 17%. China’s DiDi is declining 6% but later it can revive like on Friday session. Under $1 VEON shares like to come back to previous values around $5 or $7. UTME is trying to jump over $3 but some corrections may pull it back to under $2 value. HYMC could find a better situation during the sanctioning against Russia, today it is still the largest mining mover. But it is falling 7%. CTK and CEI are good old friends in the active trading territory, they are moving similarly but CTK is surging 23% and CEI pops only 5%.

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