ProTek Capital (PRPM) Is Gaining Momentum This Month: What Now?

Investing in momentum stocks is often regarded as a sound investment strategy but at the same time, investors need to look deeper into a company before making a commitment.

ProTek Capital (PRPM) Is Gaining Momentum This Month: What Now?

This brings us to the topic of the ProTek Capital Inc (OTC: PRPM) stock, which has managed to gather impressive momentum in recent days. While the momentum gained by the stock is eye-catching, it is also necessary to point out that there has not been any new development with regards to ProTek that could have triggered it.

However, back in February, the company had announced that it successfully completed the acquisition of Black Dragon Resource Companies Inc. The company revealed that the acquisition is going to allow ProTek to pursue higher PPS far more aggressively. On top of that, ProTek also stated that the higher PPS will eventually lead to unlocking higher value for shareholders. At this point, investors could keep their eyes peeled for any new development around ProTek.

Emile Ortega

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