Proterra Receives A ‘Hold’ Rating From Zacks Investment Research

Proterra is a company that manufactures equipment and parts for other industrialists, as well as makes its own electric cars. It has 3 subsidiaries: Proterra Energy, which provides large vehicle battery recharge solutions and software services; Proterra Powered, which develops batteries; and Proterra Transit, which builds electric buses for airports, universities, and schools. The last deal to buy PTRA stock was made at $10.2, up 14% from the price a month ago. In the second half of December the worth didn’t exceed $9, then starting from the first days of January, it began to grow gradually.


Zacks, a US investment research firm, recently assigned a ‘hold’ rating to Proterra, although it previously had a ‘sell’ rate. Almost 23% of the company’s total shares are owned by hedge funds and institutional investors, including the Tarbox Family Office, which has 4,000 shares worth about $40,000; the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan Trust Fund, which added 3,683 PTRA to its portfolio in Q3 and now owns 10,757 worth nearly $110,000; Wells Fargo & Company MN, who became a holder by purchasing $65,000 worth of shares. In addition, there were those who increased their holdings in Proterra by 340%, by 100%, and by 50%.