PUBG On Ryzen 9 3900X, GTX 1060 Benchmarks at 1080p Ultra Settings

The blood boiling PUBG always excites fans with new seasons. Besides that, any budget PC can play it at a suitable resolution. Before building the PC make sure you could play any game at 1080p ultra settings. Online shooting games are excellent to test PC hardware performance. Today we will witness how Ryzen 9 3900x paired with Geforce GTX 1060 at unfriendly Ultra settings. Unpopular Elyas GamingPC channel on Youtube shares his FPS testing experience while playing the most played game in the world.

Battle area

The territory looks like an abandoned town of Soviets located somewhere in post-Soviet countries. Getting noticed here is not simple. You have many objects to hide and reload your weapons. For GTX 1060 this place is not hard to draw pictures to the user.


Hot, hot, hot! Human’s body temperature is less than 38 degrees in Celcius. Poor Ryzen 9 3900x gets 61 degrees, thanks to the stock fans for cooling in optimal ways. The poorest GTX 1060 receives even worse situation from PUBG. 67 degrees heat it with ruthless ultra settings. therefore medium and low settings are the most hilarious to enjoy any game.

Frame time

To be on time in any dangerous situation miliseconds can decide everything. You should be quick to lure your enemies but slow PC specs may ruin your plans. Therefore 16ms from GTX 1060 is a very bad indication. GTX 1660 Ti could bring lower numbers. This is not a fault of R9 3900x, the CPU is awesome.

Frame rate

To rip off any game levels you need a cool CPU with compatible GPU that handles any graphical complications. So, do not be stingy in buying optimal GPU, spend more money now to avoid big regrets while playing online games. Average 58 FPS cheers me now at 1080p ultra settings. GTX 1060 is still good graphics card to prove that your enemies may lose the battle although they have RTX 2080 Ti.