Puget Technologies (PUGE) Grew 444% For Past Month: A Buy Stock?

Traders are missing several stocks that are silently making minorities richer and richer on daily basis. One of those opportunities is Puget Technologies (OTC: PUGE) shares which rose more than 444% for the last 30 days of aggressive trades. So, what makes PUGE surge sharply in short term?

While we live in the age of sophisticated software the developers tend to stick with regular fundraising through several channels and the most effective is a stock exchange. Hence, PUGE became on the spot of professional traders who forecast faster than any analyst in silent ways. Hopefully, the stock might keep rising steadily without making a huge buzz in headlines.

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On Monday PUGE surged 58% on over 391 million shares while most traders were busy with trading in national stock exchanges. A four-fold increase tells a lot about PUGE’s potential for this year amid it is one of the cheapest stocks in the OTC market.

Michael Rowels

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