PulsePad Token Gains Momentum: What Are Its Functions?

PLSPAD started trading today closer to 10 pm, and only within an hour jumped 74% to $ 0.280, which is currently the highest price. At midnight, the price dropped to $ 0.256 with the trading volume being $ 42,026,890. PulsePad is the leading IDO (fundraising for projects) platform powered by PulseChain. The latter helps to create super-powerful applications, at the same time reducing the load on Ethereum. It is an alternative to Etherium, but more efficient thanks to its compromise and paid incineration solution. Moreover, it expands on the winning formula that makes PulsePad famous.

Банки или криптовалюта. Куда выгоднее вкладывать деньгиPulsePad is a launcher through which teams can launch tokens or projects in PulseChain. Going forward, they will reap many benefits from security technology, marketing, and blockchain consulting services. As a deflationary launch site, there is a 10% commission for PLSPAD sales and up to 25% for early withdrawals. Also, in order for projects to host their IDOs on PulsePad, they need to buy or burn PLSPAD. All IDOs use pETH for processing on the PulseChain blockchain. You can easily convert regular ETH to pETH using the PulseChain bridge. IDO tokens will also be available on PulseChain, and in some cases can be exchanged through DEX or linked to ETH.