QUALCOMM (QCOM) Jumps Today: Best Tech Stock To Buy?

The world of technology is always accompanied by highly competitive opponents. One of such players is QUALCOMM. The worth of the company’s stock has been increasing today after a long time it has been sinking.

Despite the small increase in the amount of 1%, it has pushed the stock in trends. The push was initiated by the latest news that was connected with the company directly. Today, the company has announced a $10.0 billion stock repurchase authorization.

The repurchase authorization has no expiration date and is effective immediately. Along with it, the other news participated in the growth of the company’s shares. Today, the company named Nothing has raised $50 million from strategic and private investors, which has partnered with Qualcomm.

Qualcomm has partnered with Nothing in the release of a transparent earbud, which has sold at a price of $99 and in the amount of 100 000 pieces.