Quant Announces Fast Transaction In Ethereum Mainnet Promising Bullish Movement

Today’s price is $309.27 with a 24-hour trading volume of $54,561,869. Overledger 2.1.1 was released today, which included support for Ethereum London hard fork. This release is part of our ongoing development cycle.

Quant Network is a London-based company that aims to create the next generation of blockchain technology, with the development of Overledger, their blockchain operating system. EIP-1559 will allow Overledger to handle faster transactions and lower fees. It has transparent backward compatibility.

This release of Overledger has been upgraded with new features and improvements. Some of these include: Clarify the array and validations definitions. Also, make sure the string and validations are clearly defined in HTTPS. Overledger 2.1.1 features an API documentation repository that enables developers to create interactive representations of their requests and responses.

Overledger 2.1.1 features a new API that enables developers to generate automated documentation for their requests. This new feature will allow developers to pay for their license fees using Metamask.