Quantic Comes Into Market With Great New Features

Quantic is the next generation of decentralized exchange that will allow holders of $QUANTIC high returns to get them by holding the token. It combines the latest features with the BUSD rewards. With its innovative Auto-Stake feature, Quantic allows users to automatically stake and compound their $QUANTIC.

The high fixed rate of 1.87% per day, is significantly higher than most crypto staking platforms. Due to the nature of DeFi contracts, the APY can vary dynamically based on the system’s push and pull. This issue is very troublesome for those that are not able to monitor their assets.

Quantic is the first project on the Binance Smart chain to offer two forms of passive rewards in one token. One form is called BUSD rewards, while the other is high yield APY. Every $QUANTIC wallet purchase will automatically generate a staking account for the user’s tokens.

This eliminates the need to remember where the tokens are being held. Most staking platforms offer rewards that are paid daily or at best every 8 hours. With Quantic’s Auto-Staking, it’s faster and easier to use.