QuantumScape’s planned IPO pushes Kensington (KCAC) to inspire Lucid and Rivian for going public quickly

More and more EV batteries needed to meet the soaring demand of millions as many car manufacturers are switching to zero-emission vehicle production. Thanks for reducing the cost of battery pack manufacturing. Year by year people is witnessing this phenomenon by realizing that energy companies have been lying to the global public while polluting the air.


It took more than a decade for scientists to develop more efficient battery packs for premium EV first. Now the cheapest Kandi cars can serve sufficiently in cities that are ready with charging stations. Investing in EV makers and earning from IPO becomes trending among SPAC. Kensington (NYSE: KCAC) is planning to enrich the EV batteries maker QuantumScape with enough funds to distribute as many batteries as it is capable.

tesla battery holding

Bill Gates claims that to have better EV we need better batteries that allow us to have the same ranges as combustion engine backed counterparts.

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So Lucid and Rivian may become influenced by tech interested SPAC in getting to the public faster than pre-planned schedules. Both brands are promising the best EV comprising four models that claim to beat Tesla’s current electric cars.

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