Qumu’s Stock Keeps Growing Amid Businesses Struggle During COVID-19 Crisis

Thursday became a day with a 10% growth of NASDAQ: QUMU. Optimistic investors increased demand for its daily traded volume which grew to 478,027 shares.

Terminating merger proposal mutually with Synacor (NASDAQ: SYNC), a leading provider of cloud-based Collaboration and Identity Management software and services serving global enterprises, video, internet, and communications providers, and governments didn’t lead to Qumu’s fall but SYNC plunged by 0.88%. Two stocks could become one and eventually, it could soar as two well-established micro corporations create an effective synergy.

The last days of June and July 1 and 2 led to Qumu’s significant growth adding 2.06 points. Penny stocks attract many experienced investors who have visions of a bright future of the company. They could soon increase Qumu’s stock within a year.

Possible revenue growth may occur as many businesses need Qumu’s services but they do not know it yet. Newly created market by Qumu is still fresh and high managements of various businesses are not used to outsource such solutions to their matured enterprises.