Radio Caca (RACA) Pops: Should You Consider Investing?

The token has increased by more than 4.9% during the last 24 hours of trading. The market capitalization of RACA is more than $432,277,928 while the trading volume is approximately $59,015,950. Currently, the number of tokens is close to 180 billion with a total supply of $392 Billion. PancakeSwap is considered as the most active exchange for the different operations with this token. Radio Caca is the manager of the Maye Musk Mystery Box NFT and DeFi, which are together joined by GameFi for the USM Metaverse.

What is Radio Caca (RACA)? - AZCoin News For now, the Maye Musk Mystery Box is among the four brands of NFT and also it is in the club of the most valuable batches. There are such innovations as CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Bored Ape Yacht Club which are located on Ethereum and they are marked with a price of ETH. Maye Musk Mystery Box is the only one among them that is located on the Binance Smart Chain and market with the price of BNB. Radio Caca launched was planning to launch the mini-game “Metamon”.

Agneta Johansen

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