Radio Caca Token Supported By Maye Musk Is Dropping

Radio Caca (RACA) is an NFT and DeFi token for the United States Mars, a metaverse that launched Metamon (play2earn game) on BSC a month ago. In this game, RACA rules the universe. Holders can receive rewards through betting, games, and voting. Since you will have the authority to dispose of in-game items (they are all NFTs), you can gift, trade, and transfer in no matter which NFT market. According to the 24-hours chart, RACA’s price dropped from $ 0.0084 to $ 0.0072 at 5 p.m. Asian time. It can be said that the worth is in the process of recovering as it has risen to $ 0.008.

Cách Claim Metamon RACA - MarketPlace RACA NFT trên BSC, ETH. MPB V2. - Ragus.vnUsers can get the Maye Musk mystic box, a chest that contains a plot of land, treasures, and unusual materials in the Metaverse. Their 2nd and 3rd release rounds were delayed due to technical issues in the game and in the virtual world. The production date is still undecided. More than 20,000 boxes will be produced in each round. In the end, the profits from all rounds will be distributed in parts to ensure the liquidity of the token, increase the interest of players through rewards (RACA coin) and a reserve for engineers.