Railgun Is Forming Unstable Volatility: How Should React?

RAILGUN’s launch was unlike anything that happened before. Its Initial Coin Offering was deliberately kept fair and square. Railgun price is down -3.49% in the last 24 hours. RAILGUN is a blockchain-based smart contract that secures privacy for DEX transactions. It was built without any bridge or layer-2. RAILGUN is a blockchain-based solution that brings privacy to DeFi. It uses zkSNARKs technology to allow users to send and receive tokens without having to create a separate chain.

Front-runners get incentivized to use bots to buy up the supply of tokens at the lowest possible price, so they can profit from the retail buyers’ absence. Those caught trying to jump the queue were caught by a smart contract known as The Gardener. It stated their coin for 3 long days. With this system, apes and whales had to wait several days for the supply of gas to be replenished, which caused them to wait for larger orders. The front-runners were punished if they were caught stealing tokens from the system. With the addition of NFT integration, RAILGUN will allow private airdrops of almost any kind, including NFTs. This system makes it possible to distribute NFTs without making the token or its source known.