Rainbow Flies Over The Week, Jumping 29%

The Rainbow Token price is $0.00000003117 in today’s trading volume. It is up 29.66% over the last 24 hours, staying in the green zone for the last few days. RAINBOW is an Ethereum-based deflationary token that combines 7 features into one crypto asset. It was launched in August 2021. All 7 features of the token define 7 colors of the rainbow. The RAINBOW smart contract has seven protocols, and each transaction is taxed 7%. It also applies a 14% tax on sales of shares to the PancakeSwap platform.

Users can establish the address in Binance under its label “Holders” or by looking for the dead address itself. This address is not owned by anyone and is not related to anyone. Since the burn address is used to collect tokens from the overall supply, it draws tokens from the top of the burn, which is also added to the burn. Each wallet has a history that can be tracked within a 24-hour window. After reaching a certain threshold, it will be subjected to a fee of 21% for the next 24 hours.