Rainbow Is Top 1 Trending Cryptocurrencies On Coinmarketcap: What Should You Do?

Today, the token market is impressively soaring from its low of $0.00000002095 to its peak of $0.00000002443, resulting in a 16% profit. Further, it’s now trending on top 1 while its number of holders expands to 54,400. In addition, the trading volume is 116% higher than yesterday. It had more than $21,541,540.06 market cap ranking on #847 according to CoinMarketCap. The low price combined with the sharp increase is, of course, making investors sit up and ask themselves: which cryptocurrency to buy? So what is Rainbow Token?

Rainbow TOKEN

According to Whitepapers, Rainbow Token is a hyper-deflationary, ethical DeFi token managed on the Binance Smart Chain. Rainbow Token uses seven popular protocols and combines them in the smart contract code to give it the strength of seven tokens in one. Each of these characteristics gives RAINBOW a unique position in the market, enabling it to withstand any type of storm. Each transaction is taxed at 7%. This amount, in turn, should then be divided into seven equal parts and distributed over the seven features mentioned above. The smart contract is also designed to prevent sales by composing a 14% tax on the PancakeSwap liquidity pool.