Rambler Metals and Mining (RMM.L) Insider Transactions: How Much Do They Spend On Buying Shares?

Today, Rambler Metals and Mining shares are trading at a price of 26.50 GBP. The company reached the highest share price in April and the shares were worth 60.00 GBP. In May, the shares fell to 40.00 GBP. A strong decline in share prices was on June 25 and cost 27.75 GBP. The recent purchase of Bradford Mills was the largest purchase of Rambler Metals and Mining shares made by an insider in the last twelve months, according to our data. Thus, it is obvious that the insider wanted to buy, even at a higher price than the current share price (0.0032 British pounds). Over the past twelve months, Rambler Metals and Mining insiders have been buying shares, but not selling them. Their average price was about 0.038 British pounds.

As a rule, the higher the share of insiders, the more likely it is that insiders will be interested in creating a company in the long term. According to our data, the share of insiders in Rambler Metals and Mining is not growing, although insiders own shares worth about 22 thousand pounds sterling.

Paul Meyer

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