Raptoreum Coin Becomes Hacker’s Top Choice Cryptocurrency

Raptoreum cryptocurrency coin is strongly praised for anonymity, speed and secure proof of work method which is oriented towards only CPU mining. Exceptional and proven GPU, FPGA or ASIC-proof GhostRider CPU mining algorithm has elevated Raptoreum coin into new unbreakable monster.

This coin may run it’s blockchain with hybrid method too empowered by proof of stake. Double spending and 50% attack is nearly impossible to execute within Raptoreum blockchain if anyone dare to do. Therefore, hacking community is heavily betting for Raptoreum to become a major privacy currency to beat outdated Monero.

Recent HP 9000 server hacking using Java Log4j exploit has led internet talking about Raptoreum yet again. Hacker obviously wanted to mine Raptoreum after hijacking server mainframe computer which utilizes powerful AMD Epyc server CPUs with enormously large L3 cache. GhostRider algorithm prefers larger L3 cache capacity where AMD CPUs excel on it. For instance, single Zen2 based AMD Epyc 7742 CPU possess a behemoth 256 MB L3 cache. Of course, profitability of Raptoreum miners tanked for the last two months but given a fact that big Epyc 7742 CPU might generate up to 11000+ KH/s hashrate performance that gives over 200 Raptoreum coins a day is a dream come true for any CPU miner.

Log4j Java exploit was already mitigated this year by Web developers but some servers still running on old code. Specifically, hackers may remotely connect to powerful servers using their own machine by tricking the victim’s server as a downloading user and use Log4j vulnerability to escalate admin privileges. Current crypto market condition is not so sweet for CPU miners since Monero and Raptoreum prices are in bearish move.