Raptoreum Price Doubles Amid CPU Miners Have Brought Vicious Decentralized Value

More CPU miners are pouring into the Raptoreum mining pools as it’s price jumped two times higher within couple of days. At a time of writing, Raptoreum price firmly stands at $0.033 according to coinmarketcap. Last week news about Raptoreum contributing to AMD CPU shortage has led more mining enthusiasts initiating their personal Ryzen 9 rigs gearing up to crypto rush.

ChumpchangeXD shares five CPU mining rig wall with amazing profit portfolio via YT

Some say proof of work crypto currency mining will be ended once Ethereum network switches to proof of stake phase. However, CPU mining enthusiasts are enjoying Raptoreum right now due to worry-free future compared to GPU miners.

Amazingly, CPU miner’s value king is only Ryzen 9 3900X with 64MB L3 cache monster specs which helps GhostRider algorithm to execute multiple proof of work algorithms randomly with 5100 H/s performance. Shockingly, almost $5 daily mining revenue is expected from Ryzen 9 3900X and electric cost for power is just $0.22 respectively.

Moreover, Raptoreum developers will secure the network from 51% attack with exclusive CPU mining algorithm in the future if ASIC machines are created for GhostRider. Additionally, smart contract within privacy coins never existed before but Raptoreum developers are willing to improvise. Looks like Raptoreum is becoming more popular coin during silicone chip shortage and mining boom cycle. Will it beat Monero?