Raspberry Pi 4: Testing 10 GameCube Games Delivers Awkward Results

Using Raspberry Pi 4 is amazing as using college laptop, but playing classic games might give you some frustration. So, testing them is essential. In the testing 10 GameCube games like SoulCalibur 2, Spider-Man 2, SNK 2, SuperSmash Bros, Burnout 2, Avalanche, Billy Hatcher, Crash and Bloody Roar.

An emulator called Dolphin 5.0 was available in the 1TB hard drive of ETA Prime. Before trying the games turning on Pi 4 Tuning’s Extreme overclocking is compulsory to see a maximum frame rate. Therefore, go to Settings then choose Pi 4 Config. Let’s dive into results.

The first test comes from SoulCalibur 2. Fighting visuals seem smooth but the sound is very disappointing. Maximum 34 FPS can be seen.

Raspberry Pi 4 Emulation Games

Spider-Man 2 is being expected smooth in Raspberry Pi 4 but playing was really hard and feeling uneasy shall take place for the gamer.

Ryu and Joe showed interesting fight however, their voices were terrible. SNK 2 is similar to SoulCalibur 2.

Super Smash Bros delivered amazing fun by recalling childhood’s Nintendo version. That time it was the most advanced game. The sound is still poor here.

Driving the car in Burnout left me a memory of the earliest racing games like NFS Underground from EA. Gameplay was quite smooth but modern NFS game can’t be played through Raspberry Pi 4

Snowboarding refreshes my mind even in games. Avalanche could make me feel chilled and playing was awesome. Because of white color, maybe, the game seems smooth.

Billy Hatcher is so slow. First I decided to turn off a slow-motion feature but it doesn’t exist. The frame rate was around 15 FPS. This game is not compatible with Pi 4, so avoid it at all cost.

The fox in Crash impressed me with white teeth and jumping ability. The smooth movement was there for sure.

Uriko and Bakuryu fought very fast and smooth in Bloody Roar by making me spend 2 hours with the intention of being victorious although graphics were poor.

There is a big room of improvement for Dolphin emulator to deliver smooth gaming. Mini PCs sometimes cheer us with budget gaming opportunities like playing GameCube games.

Source: ETA Prime via Youtube