Raspberry Pi 4 vs Raspberry Pi 3: Which is Faster in Kali Linux Booting?

Everyone already knows that Pi 4 is obviously more powerful than Pi 3 but we would like to see how fast it is. Therefore we are expecting that Kali Linux can boot faster on Pi 4. Young Youtube channel CyberJunkie would like to challenge both single-board computers with Kali Linux booting. Before seeing results it would be great to see a comparison between Pi 3 and Pi 4.

Pi 4Pi3
Better CPUYesNo
Faster RAMYesNo
4k monitorYesNo
Full HDMI portNoYes
Less Power ConsumptionNoYes

Which one is the quickest? As we can see on the image Pi 4 executed the booting faster than its prequel. Around extra 3 seconds needed for Pi 3 to catch up with the opponent. Again the sequel proves its superiority.

As we already know playing retro games has never been so hard to play in Raspberry Pi 4. If you miss the games of your childhood installing Retropie can be not really difficult. However, tech-loving guys need such single board computers with reliable cases.

Source: CyberJunkie via Youtube