Reabold Resources (RBD.L): What Risks Can There Be When Investing?

On July 12, ReaboldResources’sshares gained 8.24% just in one day. The values now result in 0.46 GBP; 0.0350 GBP higher in comparison to the last week. However, the company began doing well only recently: before July 8, the share prices were declining by more than 30%. Moreover, there were many sudden ups and downs in the company’s performance in 2021 implying high volatility. So, if you consider investing in RBD, note the risks beforehand.

According to analysts, the risks of investing in Reabold Resources are as follows: 1) Liquidation track is less than 1 year. The company is now limited on its cash runway accounting for its 53.6% annual decline.2) Share price has fluctuated in the last 3 months. Over that period, the company has been more volatile than 75% of UK shares, averaging +/- 9% per week.3) Shareholders have been deprived of some ownership proportions in the last year.4) No significant income (£ 1 million).

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Reabold Resources is a company that invests in upstream oil and gas projects. PEDL 183 license area in the United Kingdom; Monroe Swell, West Brentwood, and Grizzly Island license areas in the United States; and Parta exploration license area in Western Romania are among its exploration licenses. In December 2012, the company changed its name from Adventis Group plc to Reabold Resources Plc. Reabold Resources Plc was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in London, the United Kingdom.

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