Real Good Food Strengthens Its Partnership With Costco

Real Good Food supports a healthy diet by producing high-protein, low-sugar fast food in the USA. The peculiarity lies in the fact that when eating its food, customers enjoy their favorite dish, at the same time they don’t harm their health. The products it offers are stuffed bacon-wrapped chicken, enchiladas, breakfast sandwiches, and more. Its stock, RGF, which appeared relatively recently on Nasdaq, was worth $6 a month ago. In the first week of January, the price hit a monthly high of $7.45. However, at the close of official trading on January 24, it cost $6.1 with a trading volume of $98.808. As a result, the price rose by 10 cents in 30 days.

Real Good Food

The food maker announced its advances for January. Its Grande Chicken Enchiladas are now available at all Costco, meaning all regions of the US. The Executive Chairman of The Real Good Food shared how excited they are to strengthen their partnership with Costco, as well as to ensure the availability of healthy frozen food to many consumers.